SWINGO 200+ - Schmidt sets new standards

Schmidt Swingo 200+ Compact Sweeper
Swingo 200+

Redefinition of the suction power, Improvement in series

The revolution takes place under the ergonomic and modern driver's cab: in case of the SWINGO 200+, which will supersede the field-proved SWINGO 200 from January 2011, the engineers of the Schmidt Winterdienst- und Kommunaltechnik GmbH have developed a completely new suction port.

At first the optimum shape of the suction port has been determined scientifically in the laboratory on the basis of flow visualisation analyses; then a miniseries has been produced and subsequently tested on various machines on an international scale. The result: the suction port developed this way achieves a much better cleaning performance at the same amount of air in the suction fan. "There are no dead points", the product manager, Thomas Stoll, explains, i.e. there are no points of the suction port in which no air suction is detected.


Less noise and reduced consumption

The SWINGO 200+ is driven by a smoothly-running, consumption-optimised Euro 5 Common Rail diesel engine with integrated particulate filter system. Equipped with the optimum noise-reduction kit, the 2-cubic metre compact sweeper remains below the limit of 99dB(A). This allows for using it for municipal cleaning works round-the-clock, even in residential areas.

Less wear

A further novelty of the suction port made of hot-galvanised steel: the coarse dirt cover in its previous form is no longer required. It is now an integral part of the suction unit and is made of metal. Stoll summarises the advantages for the user in simple terms: "We have one wear part less. In addition, the lifecycle costs are lower, since maintenance and spare part costs are saved."

Industrial safety and efficiency

A further fundamental idea during the redesign of the SWINGO 200+ was to increase the efficiency in addition to the industrial safety. This concerns for example the driver's seat: the SWINGO 200+ is equipped with a seat with lumbar vertebra support as standard. The passenger's seat has now also become more convenient. Especially during long transports or operating times, the work and the health of the staff are thus substantially supported.

Targeted reworking of the driver's cab

Basically, the entire driver's cab, which is elastically mounted and soundproof, has been subjected to a renewal process. The lighting system has been provided a modern face, the work and long-distance lights are mounted on the roof of the cab and thus provide for better illumination. The dipped headlight and the direction indicator are accommodated in separate sockets, which imparts the design a dynamic impression and underlines the modern overall picture of the compact sweeper.

Multifunctional steering wheel fitted as standard

The engineers have made a real new start in the interior of the optimised cab: "It has been completely reconceived with the help of an external industrial designer". Established solutions have been integrated into the cockpit again but also the changes are perceptible, both on small and large scale: for example, the designers have incorporated quite a few storage options into the cockpit. Whether it is beverages, a logbook, a purse or documents - all of them find a safe place. The individually adjustable steering column with the multifunctional steering wheel is another innovation. It arranges the most important control elements at a central place and within reach. These include for example the speed control system and the direction switch.

Exhaustion-free working

The same applies to the control element, which is integrated into the armrest to the right of the driver. The two small joysticks for controlling the brush system are sited here. The ergonomic control panel is attached laterally to the door, so that the driver does not have to fold back or turn away the armrest to leave the vehicle. The arrangement of the accelerator and brake pedals has also been changed in the course of the optimisation process in order to facilitate the exhaustion-free footwork as well. The electronic system with user-friendly switches and the large multifunctional display is located above the driver.

Always on board: air-conditioning system and excellent all-round visibility

The standard equipment of the SWINGO 200+ includes the air-conditioning system. In the course of the cab's redesign, the flow behaviour of the ventilation system has also been scrutinised. The result: optimised air circulation. Fogged window glasses thus become clear again in no time. By contrast, Schmidt has made no changes to the factor of visibility. The all-round glazing offering a free view of the working area, both sides and the route is still a strong argument in favour of the compact sweeper, which is produced in St. Blasien.

Brush technology for any requirements

Schmidt uses new technology in the sweeping system as well. The SWINGO 200+ is available as 2-brush and 3-brush system. "The third brush is no option which can be retrofitted at a later point", Thomas Stoll explains. "Both systems are carefully thought-out and specifically designed for maximum cleaning performance. In other terms: they are two entirely different systems." Both variants, however, use the well-proved pressurised water re-circulation system, which binds the dust in the suction well, and have the fine dust certificate PM10.

Fields of application: multi-storey and underground car parks

The outstanding features of the SWINGO 200+ include the hydro-pneumatic chassis. It allows for lowering the chassis during the sweeping operation by up to five centimetres, due to which the compact 2-cubic metre sweeper is also capable of coping with low entrances of underground and multi-storey car parks. A further advantage: the suspension automatically levels itself through the lowering and lifting. "This also saves maintenance costs and increases the operating times", Stoll explains.

One key is sufficient

Schmidt has implemented the one-key system in its compact sweepers for the first time. Instead of using three different keys for the ignition lock, the door lock and the fuel filler cap, one key is now sufficient to turn all locks of the compact sweeper. A system which imparts the SWINGO 200+ a real distinguishing feature and redefines the standard in the sector of compact sweepers.