Design award for the Schmidt TS 10 000

Excellent work: The TS 10 000 is not only an effective snow clearing machine but is also an example of good industry design. In mid-October, the company was honoured with the "Focus in Silver" from the Baden-Württemberg International Design Award in Ludwigsburg. 348 products in various categories from, among others, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Japan, China and the USA were put before a jury of 6. 76 products received the "Focus in Silver" award for excellent design work. The "Focus in Gold" for outstanding design work went to nine products. There were no other products entered from the municipal, winter or airport maintenance technology fields apart from the TS 10 000.


The TS 10 000 is a real power pack. With 925 horsepower (681 kW) the high performance machine can, at a speed of 50, clear up to 8000 t/h of snow around 60 metres out of the way. The machine, construed to be consistently effective, was designed for use in airports. The demand for this large machine is bolstered by its appearance. The Baden-Württemberg International Design Award jury saw this as well: "We find it fascinating that a lot of thought about the design for the cockpit has, on the one hand, taken place for capital goods of this size. But on the other hand, much thought has also been given to the design of the removable components and thus dynamism [...] has been created", they said, among other things, in their statement.

"We are honoured that the TS 10 000 received this design award," said company manager Holger Stehling after the jury's verdict was announced. "The 'Focus in Silver' is new evidence of our innovation."

The TS 10 000 made its debut at Munich International Airport last year. Thanks to its modular structure, it can also be used in summer as a tractor - ideal for harvesting large areas.

Technicians and developers received support from Budde Industry Design in Munster during the design process of the TS 10 000. Holger Stehling allows himself to look back contentedly: "it was a fruitful cooperation".

The jury was made up of Ralf Christoffer (Spirit Design, Austria), Roland de Fries (Kuypers Branding, USA), Professor Matthias Held (Hochschule für Gestaltung, Schwäbisch Gmünd [Applied University of Design, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany]), Iris Laubstein (laubstein design management, Germany), Christophe Marchand (Christophe Marchand Design, Switzerland) and Professor Karin Schmidt-Ruhland (Hochschule für Kunst und Design [Applied University of Art and Design], Halle, Germany). The event's host, the Design Center Stuttgart, informed participants that the products were being judged on: design quality; functionality; innovation; ergonomics; interface design; product graphics and typography; ecology; sustainability; significance; emotionality and brand conformity.

The exhibition with all the excellent exhibits, sometimes in the form of models or, as in the case of the TS 10 000, of posters or photographs, is open in the Ludwigsburg Werkzentrum Weststadt, Rheinlandstraße 10, everyday except Mondays and public holidays from 12pm until 8pm. It finishes on Sunday 28 November 2010.