Ready for the next generation

Ready for the next generation

Aebi presents innovations for the Transporter range at Agritechnica

Aebi will be presenting three new innovations for the Transporter range at the Agritechnica trade fair from 12 to 18 November in Hanover. The top model, the Aebi VT450 Vario and the Aebi TP420, comply with EU Regulation 167/2013 and meet the latest emission figures with the new EURO 6C engine. Also new are the panoramic cab and the completely new and simplified operating concept. Customers who purchase the compact narrow-track transporters Aebi MT750 and MT740 can also look forward to a semi-hydrostatic drive system. In addition, Aebi offers a double cab with the MT750. Both are now available as an option.


Those who know it and drive it love it. The Aebi VT450 Vario with its stepless mechanical-hydrostatic drive (no clutches required) can carry a load of up to six tonnes. With a clean VM turbodiesel engine based on the EURO 6 C standard, the implement carrier is now even more environmentally friendly and efficient. The crew in the cab benefit not only from the high level of comfort and the best suspension in its class. The operating concept has now also been optimised and an automatic battery isolating switch has been integrated. Thanks to intelligent transmission software, the transmission speed is regulated depending on the driving situation, which reduces fuel consumption and noise pollution. A new joystick enables precise and ultra-quick operation of the implements using just one finger! You can change the direction of travel quickly and easily without stopping. The new control lever with Smart Navigator is optionally integrated in the armrest and thus allows the driver to adopt a relaxed physical posture in any situation. You can just hop on and set off thanks to intuitive control. This means there is no need to spend many hours studying operating manuals. A new keypad also enables frequently used functions to be accessed quickly. The display concept with an integrated day and night function has also been completely overhauled. Only information that is relevant to the current task in hand is displayed, to ensure greater comfort and clarity. This is also enhanced not least by a new panoramic cab. Fully decoupling the back panel from the cabin has now made maintenance even easier, and the amount of noise in the cabin has also been reduced considerably.

The verdict for customers: the driving strategy, speed and driving dynamics are perfected – with lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.


The tried-and-tested Aebi TP420 is now also equipped with a new EURO 6C engine and a panoramic cab. The control lever is also replaced by a new joystick with an optimised operating concept.


The Aebi MT740 and MT750 now with semi-hydrostatic drive or double cab


Work at variable-speeds but still able to move quickly from A to B? With the new Semi-Hydrostat the decision is taken for you. The innovative traction drive now available for the Aebi MT740 and MT750 equipment carriers combines the advantages of both a hydrostatic and a mechanical traction drive. The Aebi MT has a variable-speed drive from 0 to 20 km/h, making mowing at slow speeds child’s play – even at 100 metres per hour the Aebi MT moves smoothly and with variable-speed drive. By switching to the mechanical traction drive high speeds become possible for the transporter without any problems. Driving to the next job is not only fast but also consumes far less fuel than when a hydrostatic traction drive is used.


The Semi-Hydrostat has many advantages: working at slow speeds is possible without additional investment. There is no need to use the clutch and gear box when in hydrostatic driving mode. This is not only easy on the gear box and reduces wear but also ensures that working with the vehicle is relaxed and agreeable. Other outstanding properties of the hydrostatic operating range are the permanent power flow between the engine and the wheels, and precise manoeuvrability. When using the mechanical traction drive higher speeds and significant fuel savings are possible compared to a purely hydrostatic drive. This significantly increases not only efficiency but also the vehicle’s economic viability.

The Aebi MT750 is now also newly available with a double cab. With three proper seats in the rear, the transporter offers plenty of space for the whole team. In addition, the Aebi MT750 impresses with a payload of 3,500 kg – more than almost any other vehicle in the same power class.


The new Aebi TT281 and the two electric implement carriers, the Aebi EC170 and EC130, will of course also feature. Visitors will find the ASH Group’s exhibition stand at Stand 21 in Hall 26.