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On the occasion of the IFAT, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management held in Munich between 30 May and 3 June 2016, the ASH Group will be showcasing globally leading municipal and winter service technologies and products of the Aebi and Schmidt brands. Boasting an outdoor area of 1,000 m2, stand 513/9 of the ASH Group will be awaiting visitors with a multitude of new products, such as a new Schmidt truck-mounted sweeper and the most environmentally friendly compact sweeper on the market, the Schmidt Swingo 200+ featuring a combination of the new Koanda air circulation system and the pressurised water recirculation system, which reduces the emission of harmful particulate matter by up to 95%. Moreover, 2016 will be all about innovative operating concepts. The Schmidt EvolutionLine control panel offers more safety, efficiency and comfort in winter service vehicles. The operation of the Schmidt Swingo and Cleango will from now on be facilitated by a new, worldwide unique control lever with Auto-Drive function, which is available as an option.

Schmidt Swingo 200+ compact sweeper impresses with innovative technology


“Innovation inside” is the theme of the Schmidt Swingo 200+ compact sweeper. The patent-pending combination of the pressurised water recirculation system and the Koanda air circulation system, which will be presented at the IFAT 2016 for the first time, reduces the emission of harmful particulate matter by up to 95%. The water consumption and the noise level during sweeping operations are reduced significantly, permitting sweeping operations even at moderate sub-zero temperatures. Owing to the intelligent water system, the machine becomes even more efficient and eco-friendly than ever before – the need for time-consuming stops to refill water is eliminated, making extended sweeping operations possible.


The pressurised water recirculation system ensures large amounts of water in the suction system of the Swingo 200+, enabling reliable and low-wear collection of dirt. The optimum water recovery system guarantees compacted and semi-solid debris. The hopper capacity of 2 m3 is utilised optimally to guarantee the efficient handling of resources. The new system comes with a 190-l fresh water tank and a 190-l water recirculation tank (in the Euro6 variant: 170-l water recirculation tank). The tank can additionally transport up to 250 l of circulating water. The pressurised water recirculation system is fitted as standard in the 2- and 3-brush models. The Koanda air circulation system is available for the 3-brush model as an option.


A new high-performance suction nozzle (option) brings a significant increase in efficiency while reducing the suction fan speed, which, in turn, reduces the diesel engine output, saving up to 15% operating costs or 1 l of fuel per hour of operation. Assuming 1,500 hours of operation per year and a fuel price of € 1.30 per l, this yields savings of € 1,950 as well as 3,930 kg less CO2 emissions annually.


Footless driving – New control lever sets standards in compact sweepers


“Single-handed sweeping and driving” is the motto of the new control lever for the Swingo and Cleango sweepers, which is now available as an option. It permits the driver to simultaneously control the speed and operate the sweeping unit with one hand. Dangling legs can now be taken literally, because “footless” driving offers a one-of-a-kind driving experience.

Moreover, the worldwide unique height- and tilt-adjustable steering column incl. swivelling function sets new standards in the class of compact sweepers, permitting ergonomic entry and exit as well as a comfortable sitting position even for tall drivers.


60 years of success in series – 60 years of expertise in sweeping technology


Schmidt sweeping technology has been synonymous with maximum quality and outstanding performance for 60 years throughout the globe. In addition to the innovations incorporated in the compact sweeper, another new product will be introduced at the IFAT – a new Schmidt truck-mounted sweeper. It combines the experience of many decades and tried-and-tested technology with high-tech in functionality and operation.


New operating concepts for winter service


Drivers of winter service vehicles also benefit from the new Schmidt control technology. Instantaneous response to changing road conditions and the increasing traffic density in cities and on motorways require skill and concentration. Reliable technology is therefore a vital “companion” when they are on duty. The new Schmidt EvolutionLine operating concept offers more safety, efficiency and comfort. The snow plough is now controlled via the joystick which – with an ergonomic design – is attached to the driver's seat. The individual adjustment possibilities have also proved their worth, such as the free assignment of functions for the buttons on the ES control panel; the most important functions can be operated here by one hand for each attachment or deployment situation. The same set-up between the spreading and plough control panel also enables efficient equipment settings. The days of reflective displays that are difficult to read are long gone. The luminosity is now adjusted automatically depending on the incidence of light and the menu combined with the graphic touch screen display can be navigated quickly and easily. The option to show the current rate of consumption of grit on the display in real time has received particular praise. This has not only helped with optimising routes, but also enabled colleagues to get a quicker overview of the available resources when there was a change of shift.


With this new operating concept, Schmidt therefore once again underlines its role as a pioneer for control technology and sets new standards. The control system looks to the future and includes a preparation for advanced modules such as AutoLogic (automatic spreading with navigation) or online communication via web applications.


Compact transporter with semi-trailer – The Aebi MT with new functionality


Anyone who wants to experience Aebi and Schmidt products in action at the IFAT will find what they are looking for in the “truck in action” area and will also have the opportunity to experience another unveiling: The Aebi MT with a semi-trailer. The new attachment offers even more options for the versatile transporter. Equipped with a crane and a semi-trailer, the 1.70 m wide fast-runner is an interesting vehicle for municipalities, freight forwarders, public utility companies, construction firms or forestry engineers looking for an all-wheel drive vehicle which can also be used in confined space. Exhibiting a total permissible weight of 12.5 tonnes and a payload of roughly 8.5 tonnes, the Aebi MT with the new option can carry a lot of load. Its total length including semi-trailer is approx. 12 m. When uncoupling the semi-trailer, the length of the Aebi MT is reduced to 5.3 m. However, the Aebi MT is much more than just a transporter. As a semi-trailer truck in combination with the TSS, a combined sweeping and spraying unit, it is the ideal partner in winter service, ensuring efficient de-icing operations even in narrow streets or pedestrian walkways.


We would like to announce the following conference during the IFAT:

EUnited: Municipal and road operation services – new experiences & trends
June, 1st 2016, Hall C4, Conference Room C42 at IFAT exhibition Munich, Germany, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

In a series of presentations, international experts will inform you about current studies and the latest findings and trends in winter maintenance, road cleaning and refuse collection. Through this conference we would like to support authorities and service providers with their purchase decisions and in choosing the right methods in practice.

Presentations will be given in English or German with simultaneous interpretation.

Programme PDF download