District administrator visited Aebi Schmidt in St. Blasien

At the beginning of November, the district administrator of Waldshut, Dr. Martin Kistler, visited the Aebi Schmidt Deutschland GmbH in St. Blasien. He was welcomed by Stefan Heiniger, the new CEO of the ASH group, Jochen Schneider (Division Manager Schmidt) and Thomas Berger (Plant Manager St. Blasien). This meeting was also a good occasion to get to know each other and to discuss topics regarding the business location “Black Forest”.


During the subsequent tour of the plant, Dr. Kistler got an impression of our wide range of products as well as information about the current order status and education/training at Aebi Schmidt Deutschland GmbH.
Mr. Kistler was pleased to hear that education/training is of great importance to our company because this high level of education not only guarantees the quality of our products but is also an essential contribution to the employee satisfaction in St. Blasien.


Mr. Kistler was highly impressed by the new designed compact sweeper production line (Swingo Line in hall 2).  The redesign of this production line is part of the project “Fit for tomorrow”.
“Fit for tomorrow” or “tomorrow to be better than today” means that Aebi Schmidt will be able to react even faster and more flexible to the fluctuating quantities and different customer requirements, to increase productivity without affecting quality or delivery times -  in short: to get lean. Dr. Kistler gained a detailed impression of the renovations directly at the new production line along with the advantages of lean production at Aebi Schmidt Deutschland GmbH.



From left to right:

Jochen Schneider (Manager of  Aebi Schmidt Deutschland GmbH und Division Manager Schmidt), Dr. Martin Kistler (District manager of Waldshut), Stefan Heiniger (CEO of ASH Group), Thomas Berger (plant manager St. Blasien)