Smart airports: Start Knowing. Stop Guessing.

The managing authority of an airport has one overriding goal: keeping the airport safe and accessible at all times. Integral to achieving this is using all available resources at the airport’s disposal to keep runways as clean and safe as possible.

Data Mining will become more and more important in the years to come in the field of Airport Telematics as ‘bigdata’ is everywhere and needs intelligent solutions to help the airport achieve maximal insight in the land- and airside activities. Latest cutting edge technologies help to retrieve this data out of the vehicles into management cockpits and onto intelligent GIS maps. Reports are drawn out of these systems for internal and external use as environmental reporting gets more and more important for every airport.

Airport Report from DMi International BV from Holland (DMi) saves time, telephone calls and paperwork. It also provides operators with real-time information from their machines, allowing them to respond quickly and effectively to whatever comes their way.

With Airport Report, airports know where their sweepers and de-icing machines are, and what they’re doing in every detail. Far beyond track and trace, DMi processes detailed action data, helping operators control airfield operations. The system allows the user to create useful management and environmental reports, so every stakeholder has greater insight into performance and results.

The system is very flexible, and suitable for FOD (foreign objects and debry) and many other safety inspections, as well as incident handling. Users can simply register all runway incursions and FOD hotspots on a mobile device. These inspections can then be shared through GPRS/3G/4G/WIFI.

“DMi Airport Report gives you insights into the whereabouts of your vehicles, and which parts they did or did not cover,” says George Mensonides of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. “Sweeping and winter vehicles work their way through priorities, depending on traffic. When a new priority comes in we can immediately see which vehicle is nearby and whether there is enough de-icing fluid to start the activities.

DMi helps operators to improve the quality of your work, and keep your airport safe and accessible at all times. Airport Report from Data Mining Innovators saves time, telephone calls and paperwork and help the Airports with SMART telematics…