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Aebi Combicut - The Swiss Knife Machine

ASH Group presents new products in the fields of green space maintenance, infrastructure maintenance and transport at the AGRITECHNICA.


When roughly 3000 exhibitors from 50 countries get together again at the Hannover trade fair, then it’s time for AGRITECHNICA – the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural equipment. It is already the tenth time that visitors can look forward to innovative agricultural engineering solutions and concepts for the future of plant production. Between 8 and 14 November 2015, the ASH Group will also be showcasing forward-looking technologies in the fields of green space maintenance, infrastructure maintenance and transport of the Aebi and Schmidt brands at stand 26J33 in hall 26.


“The Swiss Knife Machine. One Idea. Many Solutions.”

The first innovation is found in the Aebi Combicut CC66, which – in addition to the 18-HP model – is now also available with a 23-HP engine. The new 2-cylinder variant with a cubic capacity of 627 cm³ and variable-speed hydrostatic drive is the ideal partner, especially for wide attachments requiring a great deal of power, such as mulchers or snow cutters. The Combicut product family is not only synonymous with easy handling and high quality; owing to the extensive range of attachments, the tried and tested single-axle machines from Switzerland are also highly versatile, in line with the motto “The Swiss Knife Machine“ – One idea, many solutions. Whether mowing, haying, mulching, sawing, cutting, sweeping, leaf blowing or snow clearance – the Aebi Combicut is the ideal partner and can be used economically on 365 days a year. Thanks to its hydrostatic servo steering, its operation is intuitive and requires little effort. Turning manoeuvres around its own axis in confined space are no problem. As an option, it comes equipped with “Automatic Drive Control” (ADC), which automatically reduces the driving speed when cutting large amounts of snow and increases it again when cutting smaller amounts of snow, without the driver having to intervene.
In addition to the new engine fitted in the Aebi CC66, the new mowing attachment with an integrated ratchet clutch is now available for all Combicut models. Due to the modular design, the ratchet torque can be precisely adjusted. Readjustment is not necessary. The new clutching technology additionally saves money, since less wear and tear and a considerably longer service life also entail lower maintenance and servicing costs.


Focus on de-icing – Small product line of Schmidt Traxos now also available

Moreover, visitors to the fair stand of the ASH Group will have the opportunity to experience the Aebi TT211 and TT280 carrier vehicles for steep slopes, the latter being equipped with a new small Schmidt Traxos model with 0.8 m³ hopper capacity. Additionally, an even smaller variant with a hopper capacity of 0.5 m³ will be presented in combination with a Claas Nexos.
The attachment of the Schmidt Traxos to tractors – irrespective of the size – is done by means of a 3-point linkage. Owing to the quick mounting and loading of the spreader, the Traxos is ready for service in no time. The adjustment takes place manually via hydraulic valves or via the new EC control panel. This professional spreader makes it possible to achieve accurate spreading patterns, precise dosage and thus maximum safety during de-icing operations. The Schmidt Traxos works fully path-dependently and features closed-loop control circuits. The spreading width is continuously adjustable between 1.5 and 6.0 metres. The AGRITECHNICA would not be complete without the big brothers within the Traxos family. The large product line of the Traxos series will be represented by a Traxos 12 with 1.2 m³ hopper capacity and a Traxos 15 with 1.5 m³ hopper capacity, in combination with a Claas Arion 640.


We think you deserve more – Versatile transporters by Aebi Schmidt

Aebi transporters are known for both high performance and versatility. Any Aebi VT450 Vario or Aebi MT can be modified to switch between summer and winter service or special applications in no time.
At the AGRITECHNICA, an Aebi VT450 Vario Euro 6 with winter equipment will await the visitors. It is equipped with a Schmidt Tarron Compact MS24 snow plough with a clearing width of 2.035 mm and a Schmidt Syntos, the world’s only pre-wetted salt spreader made of plastic. A great variety of demountable equipment is available for summer service. Since the spring of 2015, for example, a VT450 Vario with a rubbish collector (7 m³) and an integrated rubbish compactor has been in use in the municipality of Wengen in Switzerland. When the rubbish collector equipment is not needed, it can be easily demounted onto supports and parked ready for use. A hooklift or, alternatively, a hook crane with an appropriate skip can then be mounted within just a few minutes. In a car-free municipality like Wengen, commercial vehicles need to be both powerful and, most importantly, efficient. The wide range of equipment variants that can be mounted on just one vehicle makes it possible to utilise resources in an optimum way. The power-split drive of the Aebi VT450 Vario is also convincing. Especially when using the vehicle for waste collection, continuous stop-and-go is unavoidable – fatal for any clutch. This is not the case with the Aebi VT450, where it’s driving at variable speed instead of clutching. This pays off in terms of maintenance and wear costs, while also making driving a pleasure, because the driver need not stop to switch between hydrostatic and mechanical drive, but can simply drive at variable speed from 0 – 50 km/h. This is unique.
Since the spring of 2015, a crawler track has also been available for the Aebi VT450 Vario. Fitted with the corresponding attachments, it is capable of maintaining cross-country trails or sledge runs, in addition to performing transports to ski huts or summit stations conveniently and efficiently – all this with a total permissible weight of up to 9.5 tonnes.
The Aebi MT transporter is also a true quick-change artist. The fast runner with a maximum speed of 90 km/h is the ideal partner not only in winter service, for example equipped with a Schmidt CSP 100 compact sprayer, as will be showcased at the AGRITECHNICA. Ranging from a conventional transporter with a hook crane and a skip to a sweeper with a brush attachment, all the way to special demountable equipment for waste transport, sewer cleaning or civil defence tasks, the variety of possible applications is nearly limitless. The top-of-the-range model, the Aebi MT750 with a powerful 6-cylinder VT turbo diesel engine that meets the Euro 6 standard, 4x4 drive, 4,800 kg payload and an ergonomically designed three-seat driver’s cab, can be seen at the fair stand of the ASH Group, true to the motto “Get in, take a seat and be amazed”.



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