Mission clean roads for Oslo

New Schmidt SK1200 truck-mounted sweeper with 12 m3

Schmidt’s truck-mounted sweepers ensure clean and safe roads all over the world. A few weeks ago, such a model was also introduced in Norway’s capital city Oslo. The special thing about it: Boasting a hopper capacity of 12 m3, the SK1200 is a customised model and the so far largest truck-mounted sweeper manufactured by Schmidt. The new heavyweight has been designed and built on behalf of TF-Anlegg AS, a private service provider ensuring clean and safe roads in both summer and winter. In terms of technology, the SK1200 is based on the (so far largest) model SK700, which offers only about half the hopper capacity, namely 7.0 m3.

The sweeper was mounted on a SCANIA G 490 truck with a 490 HP diesel engine conforming to the Euro6 standard and a total permissible weight of 30 tonnes.

The suction fan and the working hydraulics is powered by the power-take off of the vehicle’s engine (PTO) and a hydrostatic drive enabling comfortable driving at variable speed.

Intelligent sweeping technology

The core component is the high-performance suction fan with an air flow rate of 34,000 m3/h at 1,000 mbar, which can be operated and adjusted hydraulically, as well as a high-pressure system with 136 l / 300 bar. The flow-optimised suction fan and the trapezoidal suction nozzle permit high suction performance even at low fan speed. The towed suction nozzle with brake-back protection minimises the risk of damage during sweeping operations.

Side-mounted disc brushes projecting far to the outside move the debris from the gutter in front of the towed suction nozzle of 700 mm in width. A feeder brush of 1,500 mm in length is additionally fitted under the vehicle to transport the dirt in front of the suction port. Since the suction air is conducted to the suction nozzle directly, high suction performance is generated even at low fan speed. And, of course, this vehicle is capable of both sweeping on one side and dual sweeping on both sides. There is an extra front-mounted brush, which can be extended to sweep on a second level – such as the kerb – or to remove weeds. Moreover, a spray bar for improved capture of particulate matter during sweeping and a wash bar for powerful surface cleaning are in place. Last but not least, the optional rear grit suction unit with a cleaning width of 2,500 mm, four water nozzles and two generously dimensioned suction hoses can be used to collect liquids such as oil spills or glycol. A “rotor cleaner system” equipped with high-pressure water nozzles guarantees thorough cleaning of even heavily soiled surfaces or stubborn mud in a single operation. The arms of the rotor cleaner can be adjusted via a separate hydraulic system, making it possible to adapt them individually to the surface to be cleaned.

The driver’s comfort has also been taken into account. The control panel is fitted directly next to the driver’s seat and is very easy to use. The menu navigation is logically structured and lots of commands are controlled automatically. Moreover, essential functions such as change of direction or disc brush adjustment are arranged directly next to the steering wheel, making it possible for the driver to fully focus on the traffic and the sweeping operation. Owing to the integrated sound-proofing package, operation between 10.00 pm and 6.00 am is not a problem either.

The SK1200 has been in use in Oslo for about 750 hours and has delighted both our customer and the municipal contractor. So full steam ahead for the new Schmidt SK1200!