German Design Award 2015 goes to Schmidt

The Schmidt Supra 5002 is a true miracle and a snow blower of superlatives. 8 cylinder and 571 PS slumber under their tinny hood – a hood which was awarded last Friday with the German Design Award 2015 in the category „Excellent Product Design /  Transportation and Public Design – SPECIAL MENTION 2015“.Jochen Schneider, Managing Director of Aebi Schmidt Deutschland GmbH & Head of the Division Schmidt, proudly received the award certificate. „We are very pleased that with this year’s special mention of the Schmidt Supra 5002 snow cutter blower we have once again lived up to this high quality standard and were also able to convince the panel of experts of the 2015 German Design Award.”

In the truest sense of the word an excellent job did not only the team from Schmidt in St. Blasien but also Alexander Terzariol, productdesigner from MM Design. „The Supra’s product design is a brilliant example that functionality and comfort do not have to be mutually exclusive but can harmonise with each other, just like they do in the Schmidt Supra”, said Mr. Terzariol.

The Supra high-performance snow-clearing machines have been designed specifically for removing large amounts of snow. Up to 5.000 tonnes of snow per hour and a throwing range of 40 meters is no problem for the Schmidt Supra 5002. One outstanding feature is the innovative articulated steering that continuously provides the machine with consistent propulsion while ensuring that the vehicle precisely follows the clearing head’s track.

The Supra’s 2-seat driver’s cab has plenty of space for more driver convenience and absorbs vibration and noise. Owing to the special noise-absorbing materials, the noise level in the driver’s cab is merely 75 dB(A). The working environment and all control elements are designed ergonomically. The clearing head is controlled using a convenient joystick featuring easy-to-use buttons. In order to enhance both operational safety and the driver’s performance, the Supra features a great number of comfort elements – Schmidt’s principle of inseparably combining efficiency and safety is true here as well

Low-emission and environmentally friendly drive – of course, the EuroMot IV engines fitted in the Supra series comply with the latest emission standards; the EuroMot IIIA engine variant is additionally available for non-EU member states. Moreover, the vehicles can drive in eco mode, permitting fuel savings of approx. 20% in both operating and driving mode. Upon request, the Supra can also be operated with biofuel.

More information about the German Design Award at http://www.german-design-council.de/nc/designpreise/german-design-award/2015.html