Aebi Schmidt at the IFAT 2014

NEW GENERATION - holistic thinking, development with foresight, sustainable working


Aebi Schmidt is an innovative manufacturer of specialised vehicles and special implement equipment which has made sustainability and the environment very significant priorities, when it comes to environmental protection at its various business premises as well as product development. Evidence that this particular way of thinking has indeed taken hold at Aebi Schmidt is the company's stand at this year's IFAT 2014, which has been designed with the motto "NEW GENERATION" in mind. Aebi Schmidt is thinking holistically and developing with foresight is visible with the almost 50 exhibits on display at the IFAT 2014. Starting with the first presentation of the new spreader generation STRATOS through to the Aebi and Schmidt vehicles which are equipped with the newest engine technology, the Euro 6.


NEW GENERATION: Schmidt spreading machines STRATOS - intelligence meets efficiency

Stratos spreading machines are among the very best of their kind worldwide. The reason for this is the holistic product concept which integrates all decisive details such as the flexible module design, precise distribution systems, intelligent control technologies as well as a highly-effective corrosion protection  and synchronises these perfectly with each other. This led to a unique commercial performance which, in times of ever tightening budgets, is of ever increasing importance. The new generation of Stratos spreading machines is based on many years of global experience and takes every spreading operation to a completely new level. Thanks to their innovative module design, the spreading machines can be individually adjusted to the relevant task and/or terrain, which allows maximum flexibility when it comes to planning where, when and for what exact purpose the spreading machines can be used. The individual combination of container, conveyor-belt or Archimedes screw, wet salt equipment, various distribution systems, types of propulsion, shut-down systems and controls offer the maximum in flexibility. Thanks to the intuitive operation and impressive performance of the new vehicle series, the new Stratos guarantees intelligent, environmentally friendly and efficient snow and ice control.


NEW GENERATION: Schmidt compact sweeping machines SWINGO - available with either the powerful EuroMot 3B engine or the Euro 6 diesel engine


Compact design, environmentally-friendly technology and excellent sweeping performance. Swingo stands for top-class compact sweeping machines: equipped with a powerful engine and the pressurised water circulation system developed by Schmidt, the Swingo series guarantees extended sweeping performance in conjunction with low energy consumption. The Swingo 200+ is available with two alternative types of engine each containing the most modern engine technology. In its basis design, the Swingo operates with a very efficient 55kW (75hp) EuroMot 3B engine. This engine is equipped with a closed diesel-particle filter system and fulfils all the requirements made of mobile working machinery. The Euro 6 diesel engine which can be selected, has the best characteristics for environmentally-friendly operation. The engine is powerful and quiet (62 kW / 84 PS), has 4 cylinders and produces the lowest amount of pollutant emissions in accordance with the Euro 6 emission standard. In addition to those positive features, the engine is also well below the highest legally acceptable emission values. The Euro 6 engine which includes a urea injector is integrated perfectly into the chassis and this allows the Swingo to maintain its excellent mobility and manoeuvrability. The optimally reduced noise emissions have seen the Swingo 200+ be awarded with the attribute "low-noise vehicle".


NEW GENERATION: Schmidt compact sweeping machines CLEANGO - equipped with a high-performance 6-cylinder diesel engine (Euro 5 / EuroMot3B or Euro 6)

The Cleango 500 is powered by the newest generation of high-performance 6-cylinder diesel engines: this means that the Cleango 500 not only meets the requirements of Euro 5 or EuroMot 3B emission standards, but also the requirements of the very latest Euro 6 emission standard. This allows the Cleango 500 to use its power in order to provide sustained efficient sweeping performance in all situations. The Cleango 500 has a collecting container that can hold roughly 4 cubic metres of swept-up material. This means that it offers the same holding capacity of a larger vehicle while maintaining the advantages it has over larger vehicles in terms of manoeuvrability. The high-performance vehicle is used for cleaning streets in towns, cities and industrial parks. The vehicle-powered disc brush system is compact and is installed underneath the driver's cabin, in front of the front axle.


NEW GENERATION: Schmidt operating consoles EvolutionLine - the simplest operation and the most efficient!

The new Schmidt operating concepts EvolutionLine consist of: three different operating consoles for spreading machines and two operating consoles for snow ploughs or implement equipment. As a consequence of this professional solution, it is far easier and far more efficient for municipalities to provide their public services. In addition to the module design, the flexible configuration possibilities are also worthy of particular mention. This flexibility allows the operating concepts to be exactly adapted to meet the challenges posed by each work deployment. All operating consoles of the Schmidt EvolutionLine deliver maximum flexibility, the greatest possible operating and working comfort as well as being extremely economical. The operating consoles for spreading machines and snow ploughs/implement equipment can be freely combined with each other and can also be flexibly expanded with the addition of an expansion module.


NEW GENERATION: Aebi Multipurpose Transporter MT - high-performance multipurpose transporter that has much more to offer than just technology

The high-performance multipurpose transporter can fulfil completely new working and deployment possibilities within the shortest periods of time and transforms from a specialised implement equipment carrier into a high-performance transporter. Only the most modern, state-of-the-art technology is integrated into the Aebi MT in order to make it possible to carry out even the most difficult work in the most difficult of conditions while still ensuring maximum safety. The vehicles are designed to be narrow and solid for this reason, but are, at the same time, particularly light-weight with a robust chassis and smooth gearbox. The reliable electrics provide intuitive and comfortable operation and round off the excellent mechanical characteristics which set the Aebi MT apart from the rest. The Aebi MT models can also boast strong engines which provide powerful propulsion and excellent driving performance even when carrying heavy loads. Thanks to the most modern particle filter, catalytic converter and the innovative SCR technology, even the powerful turbo-diesel engines can meet the strict Euro 6 emission standard. Various speed variations can also be chosen from: 0-40 / 45 km/h and 0-90 km/h.


NEW GENERATION: Aebi Multipurpose Transporter VT450 Vario - continuously variable transmission with even more power and new operating concept

The new VM turbodiesel (Euro 6) of the Aebi VT450 Vario not only works very cleanly and fuel-efficiently, but the engine is also more powerful and provides significantly higher torque. This increase in performance and the modernised control concept, with a new multi-functional accelerator lever and a new colour display, make the Aebi VT450 Vario with the brilliant continuously variable transmission even better than ever before. The turbodiesel engine is equipped with a diesel particle filter and SCR (selective catalytic reduction). The exhaust gas recirculation and SCR processes are electronically coordinated and monitored on a continuous basis. This ensures optimal emission control. AdBlue is used for the exhaust aftertreatment.

The ergonomically formed, multi-functional, colour-coded accelerator lever allows simple and logical control of the most important functions. This also offers greater safety, since the traction command and the simultaneous control of a device function come from one source. The colour display now has a control knob and several control keys via which the functions can be controlled. The menu structure is plainly designed for quick, logical and simple control. The high-resolution colour display shows all chosen function displays and data clearly and in high quality. An additional control knob for controlling the display is optionally available to the immediate right beside the driver's seat.


NEW GENERATION: Aebi steep-slope implement carrier TT211 – classy design, ultra-modern cockpit and lots of power

Aebi is launching the new Terratrac compact class with a new design, an ultra-modern cockpit which offers a lot more room and an even more comfortable operating concept. In addition to the design improvements, new, stronger engines and many other technical improvements have also been added. The Aebi TT211 is the new top model of the Terratrac compact class. The attractive and distinct design is very appealing to the eye from the very first glance. When one gets into the vehicle, one is surprised by the generous space available and the straightforward design vocabulary of the modern cockpit. A large number of the functions can be controlled simply by the click of a button via the new multi-functional accelerator lever. Transmission is continuous and hydrostatic. The new grade lllB Kubota Turbodiesel has a high torque and now provides a powerful 72hp. Front and all-wheel steering as well as optional rear steering and crab steering ensure outstanding manoeuvrability and allow the optimum type of steering for each type of work.



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