Two new Terratracs from Aebi

Aebi TT211

Aebi is launching the new Terratrac compact class with a new design, a top-modern cockpit with markedly improved available space and an even more comfortable operating concept, new, strong engines and many other technical improvements.


The new Aebi TT206 and Aebi TT211 are being presented for the first time at the Agritechnica in Hanover 2013, Germany and the Agrialp 2013 in Bozen, Italy.


The Aebi TT211 is the new top model of the Terratrac compact class. The attractive and distinct design is immediately very appealing. When one gets into the vehicle, one is surprised by the generous space available and the straightforward design vocabulary of the modern cockpit. Every driver instantly feels good here, especially since the air-conditioning system integrated into the vehicle ensures pleasant coolness even on hot days. The universal box, the document compartment, the mobile phone holder and the drinks holder are smart details with a practical benefit. A large number of the functions can be controlled simply by the click of a button via the new multi-functional accelerator lever. Traction drive takes place continuously and hydrostatically. Thus, a large variety of work can be carried out with exactly appropriate speed. The new grade lllB Kubota turbodiesel has a high torque and now performs a powerful 72 hp. The significant increase in performance enlarges the area of application and raises the maximum possible working scope. The oscillation suppression protects the Terratrac and the attachments and allows smooth shifting trips on the road at higher speed. Front and all-wheel steering as well as optional rear steering and crab steering ensure outstanding manoeuvrability and allow the optimum type of steering for each type of work. Double wheels can be installed all around for more safety during extreme work and in order to protect the ground. In the development of the vehicle, maintenance friendliness was given high priority. For example, the entire cooling unit can be tipped backwards over the engine. Thus, the diesel engine, the oil dipstick and all refuelling fittings for liquids can be easily reached.


In the new Aebi TT206, a new grade lllA Kubota diesel engine with 50 hp and a good torque ensures forward speed. Otherwise, the sporty appearance and the technical qualities are identical to the top model. In the compact class, this Terratrac is a genuine and good-value alternative, with the level of performance absolutely sufficient for many applications.


Compactly built, with a strong torque and clean engines, the palatial available space in the top-modern cockpit, increased lifting force at the front and rear hydraulics, the oscillation suppression and the classy design – the Aebi TT206 and Aebi TT211 inspire with many outstanding qualities and will undoubtedly continue the success story of the Terratrac compact class.

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