Aebi Schmidt exhibits in the Agritechnica 2013 in Hannover

Aebi Schmidt @ Agritechnica

The most important trade fair for agricultural engineering is taking place from the 10th to the 16th of November 2013 in Hannover. Aebi Schmidt will present a cross section of the comprehensive range of products from special agricultural machines and winter maintenance technology on exhibition stand 26–D21 in hall 26 and will be entering three products in the Agritechnica Innovation Awards.

At Agritechnica more than 2.700 exhibitors from around 50 countries exhibit their products and technologies dealing with agricultural economy. In 2011, 419,000 visitors were counted at the trade fair, alone 98,000 of those were from foreign countries. This year, Aebi Schmidt once again invites visitors to their exhibition stand, to present them with a selection of interesting municipal service products, also for use in agriculture. This year, the brand Aebi is represented at its stand by two Terratracs with mowers and mulchers, as well as two Combicut motor mowers, especially for the field of agriculture. Additionally, Schmidt sweepers for attachment to tractors will also be exhibited. For application in winter service, Aebi presents a Terratrac and a VT450 with winter service equipment from Schmidt. From Schmidt, a wedge snow plough and an attachable-spreader for attachment to tractors will be presented to the public. Schmidt will also be present on the Claas exhibition stand, as was also the case in 2011, with a snow blower and an attachable-spreader on a Claas Arion in the municipal version.

Aebi Schmidt will enter three products in the Agritechnica Innovation Awards

Agritechnica is the novelty stock exchange for the entire agricultural industry. Their range of leading technologies and new developments represents a unique information forum for solving all problems of agriculture and agricultural engineering. The DLG awards of Agritechnica innovations are pioneering for the whole industry and are internationally recognized. For this year's innovation awards, Aebi Schmidt has also submitted, besides the Schmidt CSP Compact Sprayer and the Schmidt Wasa 300+ Towed Sweeper, the Aebi VT450 Vario.

CSP - Compact Sprayer for de-icing in municipal areas

The compact sprayer of the CSP-series can be effectively deployed against threatening ice formation - thus before the incalculable danger potential on paths, roads and yards even arises. The sprayer can also however be deployed when ice has already formed. This procedure is suited for municipal winter service in dry or mildly damp conditions and down to a temperature of - 6 °C, also particularly suitable when the use of gritting materials is to be drastically reduced.

The CSP comes in various sizes with individual equipment variations: Available for attachment to tractors with three-point linkage as well as for the attachment to trailers, Aebi VT450, Unimog, transporters with loading platforms, pickups or other narrow track vehicles deployed in municipal operation. The CSP is powered by the vehicle hydraulics of the carrier vehicle as standard. A diesel motor is optionally available for the version with loading platform and a wheel drive for the version with trailer.

Wasa 300+ - Towed Sweeper for coarse dirt with large intake capacity

Conceived for tractors and Unimogs, the Wasa 300+ is deployed for cleaning roads in small towns and communities. The high performance machine takes in dirt mechanically, whereby the large amounts of exhaust air containing particulate matter is avoided. Since the concentration of particulate matter lies clearly under the limit value, the Wasa 300+ has been awarded the PM10 Label from EUnited with three stars.

The towed sweeper can be deployed even in cases of the coarsest dirt. One hopper of dimensions: 3.0 m3, allows the sweeping of large areas and stretches. The debris is conveyed by two side brushes to the cross brush at the rear of the machine and from there it is further transported over an elevator into the big receptacles. All functions are conveniently operated from a clearly arranged control panel installed in the vehicle cab. The Wasa 300+ is conceived in such a way that all relevant parts are easily accessible and all necessary settings can be easily adjusted, as well as repairs easily carried out. The sweeper is powered by an environmentally friendly hydraulics system, which works extremely quietly even at full capacity and is suitable for running on bio oil. The Wasa 300+ offers further interesting equipment, for example, the high pressure washing device, which allows for a specific adjustment to the sweeping task.

Aebi VT450 Vario - Multi-purpose Transporter with stepless drive

The Aebi VT450 Vario is the top model of our transporter top-class. The revolution is in the newly developed stepless, mechanical-hydrostatic, power-split drive. The multifunction drive lever is used to precisely control the speed and many functions can be easily and conveniently operated at the touch of a button. Individually programmable speed levels can be activated with the TipTronic. The stepless drive is purely hydrostatic in the low-speed range and features mechanical-hydrostatic power split at higher speeds. This design helps to achieve an outstanding transmission efficiency and high traction. Aebi is the first manufacturer worldwide to build transport vehicles with a stepless drive and fulfills a long-held desire of many customers. Thanks to the multifunction drive lever, the change from forward to reverse driving is ultra-smooth. Clutching and shifting are completely eliminated and the permanently available power flow considerably increases safety in all driving situations. Preselectable driving modes, such as the ECO-Drive, reduce fuel consumption and enhance efficient operation. The Aebi VT450 Vario comes in two versions, with 8.5 t or 9.5 t total weight and a correspondingly high payload. Aebi offers the VT450 Vario for municipal services and agricultural operation. With all of these outstanding characteristics, the Aebi VT450 Vario is an innovation among transporters, modern, comfortable and technically absolutely on top.

We look forward to seeing you at our exhibition stand 26-D21 in hall 26


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