World Premiere: Heading Off-road Steplessly with the Viatrac Aebi VT450 Vario

As a world premiere, ASH Aebi Schmidt presents the Viatrac Aebi VT450 Vario. The newly developed stepless drive ensures safe driving in any situation. Approaching a steep slope with precision at just a soft touch on the multifunction drive lever – this unique comfort is only provided by Aebi’s VT450 Vario. In addition, the middle class welcomes the new Aebi TP420 Transporter with front suspension and an enormously powerful and clean turbo diesel premiere. With these two top-notch news, Aebi gives new impact to Transporter engineering and also completes its own range.


The Viatrac Aebi VT450 Vario is the new high-end model of our top-class Transporters. It still has its sleek design, now what is revolutionary is the newly developed stepless, mechanical-hydrostatic, power-split drive. Those who are already driving a Terratrac with a hydrostatic drive will feel right at home in the new Viatrac Vario as the handling is virtually identical. The multifunction drive lever is used to precisely control the speed and many functions can be easily and conveniently operated at the touch of a button. Individually programmable speed levels can be activated via the TipTronic. The stepless drive is purely hydrostatic in the low-speed range and features mechanical-hydrostatic power split at higher speeds. This design helps to achieve an outstanding transmission efficiency and high traction. With the new model, Aebi is the first manufacturer worldwide to build transport vehicles with a stepless drive and fulfils a long-held desire of many customers. Once again, Aebi realized a groundbreaking new technical achievement.


Aebi offers the Viatrac Vario for municipal services and agricultural operation. The VM turbo diesel delivers impressive 72 kW (98 HP), has a torque of 340 Nm at 1400 rpm and a torque rise of 29%. In addition, the engine meets Euro 5 and operates in a very environmentally friendly manner thanks to a diesel particulate filter and catalytic converter. In practice, the fantastic new driving experience with the stepless drive only brings benefits. Work requirement in low speed is possible without any additional investment. Thanks to the multifunction drive lever, the change from forward to reverse driving is ultra-smooth. Clutching and shifting are completely eliminated and the permanently available power flow considerably increases safety in all driving situations. Preselectable driving modes, such as the ECO-Drive, reduce fuel consumption and enhance efficient operation. Manoeuvring becomes child’s play, and in combination with the optional steering modes, manoeuvrability is brilliant. The hydropneumatic full suspension with hydraulic transverse stabilisers on the rear axle ensures excellent driving comfort. There are two versions available with a total weight of 8.5 t or 9.5 t and a correspondingly high payload.


With all these outstanding features, the brand-new Viatrac Aebi VT450 Vario is the innovation among municipal Transporters, state-of-the-art in engineering, comfortable and boasts leading edge technology.

Steplessly smooth driving: Viatrac Aebi VT450 Vario


The Aebi TP420 Transporter is directly derived from the top-class model Aebi TP460. The attractive design of the cabin and a variety of components are absolutely identical or only slightly different. Aebi’s aim was to realise a high-performance model with a simplified operating concept using proven technology. The result was a transporter that should rank straight to the top of the middle class with a high payload, first-class driving comfort, a powerful and clean turbo diesel and an excellent price/performance ratio. Operation in the cockpit is carried out conventionally via mechanical control elements. In the basic version, the front axle is equipped with a hydropneumatic suspension, whereas the newly developed rear axle has no suspension.


The VM turbo diesel delivers impressive 80 kW (109 HP), has a torque of 420 Nm at only 1100 rpm and a torque rise of 40%. In practice, these key data guarantee a large power reserve. In addition, the engine meets stage IIIB and operates in a very environmentally friendly manner thanks to a diesel particulate filter and catalytic converter. With its powerful drive train design, the TP420 is able to use the VM engine’s enormous torque without throttling. When in use, this noticeably adds more traction power even with a heavily loaded transporter.


The suspension of the front axle ensures real driving comfort. The difference to full suspension is surprisingly small. In the full suspension version, the Aebi TP420 Transporter also comes with hydropneumatic front and rear axle suspension and hydraulic quick-release locks on the rear axle. As an option, the full suspension version is also available with four-wheel, rear-wheel and quasi-crab steering.


Focusing on what is essential has been consistently implemented with the Aebi TP420 Transporter. We neither cut back on quality nor on the excellent chassis, the comfortable cabin or the transmission as identical assemblies are sold with the top class. Result: an unbeatable price!

Clean and simply powerful: the Aebi TP420 Transporter