Wasa 300+

Schmidt Towed sweeper


The sweeper for all coarse dirt – with great pickup capacity!

You want to remove coarse dirt in a single pass? No problem: the powerful Wasa 300+ from Schmidt has a 3 m³ hopper, water tanks with a capacity of 1,100 litres and a sweeping width of 2,400 mm, allowing for a surface capacity of up to 48,000 m². The robust steel containers and the water tanks are easily accessible for quick cleaning.


Efficient technology – for maximum thoroughness

Sweeping is performed by two disc brushes mounted on the sides in front of the axle and a roller brush located behind the axle. The two disc brushes and the roller brush are positioned to overlap each other for thorough cleaning without leaving any streaks. The collected debris is moved to the roller brush at the rear of the sweeper, from where it is transported to the hopper via a generously dimensioned elevator. The enhanced geometric design of the elevator enables a high flow rate and great sweeping performance, conveying the debris into the hopper without any residues.

By the way: The special trailed suspension of the disc brushes offers excellent adaptation to ground contours, permitting the sweeping unit to smoothly adapt to road conditions while protecting it as much as possible when running over or hitting obstacles, in addition to reducing bristle wear.


Mechanically efficient sweeping – while protecting the environment from particulate matter!

Mechanic sweepers do not require any suction fans, making it possible to avoid large amounts of exhaust air containing particulate matter. In addition to preventing potential health risks, this is also of great value in view of strict environmental regulations. Moreover, the sweeper is powered by an eco-friendly hydraulic system that is quiet-running even when operating at full capacity and can also be fuelled with biodiesel.


Highly manoeuvrable – and a pro when it comes to cleaning around corners

The slim drawbar permits great manoeuvrability in tight turns and can additionally be swivelled to the left and right, enabling asymmetric sweeping: Pulling the trailer displaced to the side behind the towing vehicle greatly facilitates cleaning kerbstones around corners!


Maximum usability and fine-tuned control

The design of the Schmidt Wasa 300+ provides quick access to all components so that any necessary adjustments are easy to make. The most important functions are controlled from the driver’s cab via a state-of-the-art control panel equipped with a graphic display – for example, disc brush speed, which is infinitely variable from 0 – 100 rpm. Hydraulic brush ground pressure control is also infinitely adjustable to reduce disc brush stress.


A perfect match for many towing vehicles – and for highest standards of comfort

Thanks to offering both top and bottom coupling, the Schmidt Wasa 300+ can be flexibly used with a variety of towing vehicles. The sweeper requires comparatively low driving power, allowing for an even wider range of towing vehicles.

The single-axle trailer is built on a sturdy, torsion-resistant steel frame, with the design of the suspended rigid axle providing ideal weight distribution and comfortable ride quality. The Wasa 300+ from Schmidt  is available in two versions for different transport speeds: 40/80 km/h. In the premium version, the brake system includes ABS as standard equipment, with chassis and frame being designed for speeds of up to 80 km/h.


Intelligent technology meets beautiful design: a clean sweep

The Schmidt Wasa 300+ offers you all the advantages to take on any cleaning challenge. We will be happy to provide more information!


Schmidt Wasa 300+

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  • Schmidt Wasa 300+
  • Schmidt Wasa 300+