Aebi TT280

Terratrac Aebi TT280



VM R754IE4, 2970 cm³, 4 cylinder diesel with turbocharger, 4-stoke, water cooled, stage IIIB, oxidation catalyst and self-cleaning diesel particulate filter, Common Rail, direct injection, 80 kW (109 HP) at 2600 rpm to ECE R24, max. torque 420 Nm at 1100 rpm, torque rise 43%. Oil separator integrated.


Electrical equipment

12 V, 120 A alternator, 100 Ah high-performance cold-start battery, automatic pre-heat system.



Infinitely variable hydrostatic drive with adjusting pump, adjusting motor and 2-speed output gearbox.



Forward and reverse:

Off-road 0-9.5 / 0-20 km/h, road 0-16 / 0-40 km/h.


PTO shafts

Standard 1 3/8", 6 splines, dry single-plate clutch operated electrohydraulically, can be engaged and disengaged under load. Speeds: Front 550 and 1090 rpm, rear 580 and 760 rpm, front and rear independently pre-selectable. Direction of rotation: clockwise.


Axle drive

Permanent 4-wheel drive with Torsen inter-axle differential and fully lockable differentials in the front and rear axle, operated electrohydraulically. Option: T-Traction.



Hydrostatic 4-wheel steering, switchable to front-wheel steering, rear-wheel steering or quasi-crab mode steering by pushbutton control, change of steering mode as required with automatic detection and synchronisation of wheel positions via inductive sensors. Turning radius with all-wheel steering: 3.3 m (lock: 40°). With double tyres, turning radius 4.15 m (lock limit: 30°).



Radial tyres 440/50R17 with all ground profile or 425/55R17 with AS profile and turf tyres 505/50R17.



Hydraulic twin-circuit servo foot brake operating on all wheels; in addition, hydraulic driving brake. Automatic spring-loaded parking brake on the rear axle.


Driver's cab

Dustproof all-round view comfort cab, vibration and noisedamping, with safety frame (tested to 79/622/EEC), front windscreen, side screens and glass door, curved rear screen can be opened. All screens tinted. Integrated automatic air-conditioning system. Ergonomic seat with multiple adjustments, with lap seat preparation work for radio (antenna/speakers), working headlights front integrated in the roof.



A total of 24 functions can be controlled via the drive lever. Using the keypad to the right of the driver, additional functions of the hydraulic-system, the heating and the air-conditioning system can be controlled, and operating sequences, such as the connection of the front and rear lifting equipment, can be programmed. All information about the operating status and important settings are shown on a display or indicated by lamps. The driver can choose between four different driving modes: road travel, mowing, snow blowing, proportional. For street mode and mowing mode ECO-drive can be activated. With the TipTronic the driving speed can be divided into 6 stages. Multifunction lever with compass rose switches. Without intervention by the driver adjusts the ADC (Automatic Drive Control), the speed of the working conditions automatically. The maximum overloading of the engine can be adjusted.



Bosch solenoids, pressure 175 bar, delivery rate 34 l/min at engine speed of 2600 rpm, 10 liter oil reservoir for hydraulic cylinders. Front hydraulic linkage 3-point Cat. I, displaceable sideways hydraulically, with quickconnection capture sockets and top link, controllable via

multifunction drive lever, max. lifting force 2000 daN at 175 bar. With self-regulating weight transfer and automatic calibration. Vibration absorption for road travel.


Rear hydraulic linkage

3-point Cat. II, raising, lowering, carrying, floating setting, liftingrods with crank adjustment, max. lifting force 1800 daN at 175 bar. Quickaction coupling mechanism. Ball bushing Cat.I/II and II.


Auxiliary hydraulics

Four supplementary hydraulic connectors at front and rear, one double-acting with floating-setting.



Automatic trailer hitch with quick-action adjustment (height above ground 339 to 939 mm).






Kerb weight empty
Permissible front axle weight
Permissible rear axle weight
Permissible total weight
Trailer weight (without brakes) max.
Trailer weight (with brakes) max.
Trailer weight with independent brake max.
Hitch load max.


Fuel tank capacity


4080 mm
2110 mm
2145-2200 mm



2600 kg
2400 kg
2400 kg
4200 kg
1500 kg
3500 kg
6000 kg
600 kg


90 l


Optional equipment

Pair of 7.50 – 18 wheels for fitting double tyres at front and/or rear, load transfer hydraulic system at rear, 10 additional hydraulic connections front and rear, one double-acting with floating setting and valves, 8 additional hydraulic connections at rear, once single-acting with return pipe (for supplying a hydraulic motor on an additional valve block), front cardan shaft, heavy-duty construction with freewheel, overload clutch and protection device. Hydraulic top link. Working headlights rear, revolving lamp, snow clearance lighting.

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Technical data

Drive Hydrostatic
Engine (kW/HP) 80 / 109
Transmission Continuous
Lift capacity front (kg) 2000
Lift capacity rear (kg) 1800
Weight unloaded (kg) 2800