Aebi variable-speed drives

Aebi is on the move with variable-speed drives. Changing gear is a thing of the past!


Aebi has been using variable speed traction drives in Terratrac steep-slope implement carriers and in the comfortable one-axle Combicut for decades. Its convincing performance in practice and the success it has experienced on the market have enabled this engine to make a breakthrough. Aebi is therefore completely relying on this modern technology and is currently setting about proving this using its innovative VT450 Vario, the first transporter with a variable speed power-split traction drive.


Terratrac und Viatrac Vario: Comfortable to drive and operate

  • Being able to activate both the hydraulics and traction drive at the same time by using the multi-functional joystick, without changing hands, makes the vehicle easy to operate and drive. Coupling and changing gear become a thing of the past, leaving the driver able to fully concentrate on their work.
  • The fact that the speed can be adjusted to suit the work being done without changing gear actually increases efficiency and saves on fuel.
  • Different speed ranges can be selected.
  • Constant wheel traction and significantly better brake action compared to mechanical gears thanks to the hydrostatic and Vario drive increase safety dramatically.
  • The vehicle can be manoeuvred with precision and direction can be changed easily. In practice, this results in a significant increase in the operating speed.


Protecting the ground

  • Its smooth, jolt-free start protects every kind of ground, particularly on steep slopes.


Drive programs

  • Automotive or proportional driving can be selected at the push of a button.
  • Automatic Drive Control: automatically regulates the operating speed.
  • TipTronic: Driving speed can be controlled at the push of a button.


ECO drive

  • Engine revolutions are reduced while the speed is not changed. This lowers fuel usage and reduces the noise level.


Hydrostatic comfortable one-axle

Being able to drive forwards or backwards using your thumb without changing gears and its standard active steering provide excellent comfort and ensure safety. The optional ADC automatically matches the speed to the work. Various different accessory equipment which requires lower driving speeds can be used without any issue.