Cityjet 6000

Street washer


The high-performance Cityjet 6000 street washer is the ideal choice for the efficient removal of particularly stubborn dirt from individual urban areas (e.g. market squares, cobblestones). 


High-pressure cleaning: Certainly the right choice

The fresh water tank of the Cityjet 6000 has a capacity of 6,300 l, enabling you to ensure clean – and thus also safe – conditions under high pressure for 40 minutes at a time. At a spraying width of 1,800 to 3,100 mm, the water pump ejects up to 170 l of water per minute onto the dirty areas at a pressure of 110 bars. For refilling the tank, a 15 m hose is available, which is accommodated on a space-saving reel.


The vehicle is equipped with a hydrostatic drive on the rear axle; a wastegate valve is used for the vehicle drive. The movements of the spray bar are also controlled hydraulically.


The Cityjet 6000 enables you to reach almost any corner!

The spray bar can be swiveled by 15 degrees to the left or right. This makes it possible to clean surfaces that have many corners, such as pathways with benches, lanterns or road posts. Furthermore, the spray jet angle can be adjusted to remove even tough dirt.


The vehicle exhibits a two-wheel front steering with a possible steering angle of 68°. This yields a turning radius of 6,745 mm between walls and 5,360 mm between kerbs.


The technical equipment: Convenient, safe and durable

The control system has a clear and ergonomic design. The glazed cabin provides the driver excellent all-round visibility of his operating area. Disc brakes on the front axle and drum brakes on the rear axle ensure the indispensable safety standard within a working environment that is often also frequented by people.


Features of the driver’s cab: Mechanically suspended driver’s and passenger seats, multiply adjustable steering column, interval switch for windscreen wiper, heating and ventilation with low-noise fans, sun visors for driver and passenger, multifunctional display
digitally displaying all operating conditions, integrated service tool, radio connection.


Frame and attachments: Corrosion-resistant, paint-finished base frame, 3 working spotlights for spray bar control, rear mirrors in
compliance with the StVZO [Road Traffic Licensing Regulation], one warning beacon on the cabin and two on the rear water barrel.

Tekniske Spesifikasjoner

Cityjet 6000
Spylebredde (mm) 1.800 - 3.500
Vanntank (l) 6.300
Vanntrykk (bar) 60 bar
Vannmengde (l/min) 170
Schmidt Cityjet 6000