CityJet 3030 SW

Street washer


The City Jet 3000 offers the best prospect for the most varied of challenges in communal applications – the easy-to-operate machines work very efficiently and economically. Versions which clean primarily using cold water or hot water are available.

The water tank, made from stainless steel, for both machines has a water volume of 2,200 litres each. In the basic version, a pump
with 70 bar water pressure at a consumption of 130 l / min is used as standard. The optional high pressure version has a 300 bar water pump at 70 l / min.


The City Jet 3000 “Hot water”

This version is recommended for particularly sensitive areas and substrates. Instead of operating using high pressure, it cleans at a water temperature of 90 degrees. The stainless steel tank of this specialised street washer holds 2,000 l water.
All machines provide high comfort in use and are environmentally friendly! Thanks to their short wheelbase, these machines are extremely manoeuvrable. The swivelling options for the spray bars to the left or to the right as well as the individual setting option for the spray nozzle angle ensure great flexibility – this is particularly advantageous when cleaning winding roads.

The telescopic spray bars enable a washing width of up to 3,000 mm. The glazed 2-man cabin provides all-round visibility and thus a high level of safety. The noise-proof and heated inner workings are characterised by many ergonomically designed details such as a height and tilt adjustable steering column, an orthopaedic driver’s seat and easy-to-operate control units.

All vehicles are powered by a smooth-running 4-cylinder diesel engine of the latest generation. Our EuroMot stage 3B, or alternatively
stage Euro 6, diesel engines are characterised by minimum emission levels. The incorporated diesel tank holds 64 litres.

  • CityJet 3030 SW