Compact Jet Sweeper

Compact Jet Sweeper

The CJS was developed for clearing snow from airport runways, taxiways and aprons. Compact in design and highly manoeuvrable, its rotary brush and high pressure blower efficiently remove snow with a clearing width of up to 4200 mm.

Drive unit
Carrier vehicles with four-wheel-drive are used for the CJS. The chassis is modified accordingly for mounting the jet sweeper. An auxiliary engine is used to drive the hydraulic pumps and to control the sweeping unit and high pressure blower with an output of 260kW at 1800 rpm. The vehicle engine powered hydraulic unit is used for operating the snow plough.

Sweeping unit
The sweeping unit is located on the vehicle’s front and rear axle. The brush is powered hydrostatically by two hydraulic engines. A hydraulic cylinder enables it to swivel to the left and right. The rotary brush is hydraulically raised and lowered by a parallel lifting unit. The rotary brush is suspended which ensures that it can be horizontally adjusted to the sweeping surface. Two castor wheels guide the rotary brush.

High Pressure Blower
The high pressure blower is driven by an auxiliary engine via a variable pump. The fan can be turned on or off by swivelling the pump. The air can be emitted in 2 levels with varying power. The blower was developed to produce an efficient fan output capacity. The air speed of up to 125 m/s is almost completely constant over the entire air passage. This ensures that only a minimal loss of pressure and capacity occurs. The air is blown at the rear of the CJS just above the ground to dry the swept surface or remove any remaining snow. Apart from the blower housing, there are no moveable parts. When in the transport position, none of the parts stick out behind or to the side. This means that driving backwards is not dangerous.

Snow Plough
When the CJS is used for clearing airport surfaces, then a snow plough is normally mounted on the carrier vehicle. Both the MS 56.1 and the MS 64.1 airport snow ploughs are ideally suited for this purpose.