KL clear-view windows

The clear-view windows are designed to make the driver`s work easier in adverse weather conditions by constantly ensuring an unobstructed view of the track even in the heaviest snowfalls and snowdrifts. Owing to the continuous operation, the window is free of snow and ice at all times, unlike with windscreen wipers.


It consists of a round frame and a round rotary window integrated therein. The rotary window is rotated via an electric motor, allowing the resulting centrifugal forces to sling away any snow deposits. For extreme weather conditions, the window can be heated to prevent ice from freezing solid.


The rotary window and the window heating are operated via the instrument panel in the driver`s cabin.

The rotary window is available in several sizes (KL41 and KL43). The KL43 variant is available with various glass thicknesses. A heated frame is optionally available for the KL43 variant.

Beilhack KL

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