Airport Sprayer

The spraying technology of the ASP is based on the realisation that the influence of the airstream or cross-wind can be restricted to a minimum if a large number of relatively large drops come into close proximity to the ground surface.

The ASP is equipped with the SCHMIDT low-pressure pump system. The high-grade plastic spraying nozzles are to be found on specially low-mounted spraying arms, which are arranged in several rows at the side so that the individual spraying patterns overlap each other. All common de-icing liquids can be spread without difficulty.

The ASP is particularly suitable for use on runways as well as on access routes.

Tekniske Spesifikasjoner

Tankkapasitet (l) according to customer requirement
Utleggsbredde (m) 30
Arbeidshastighet (km/t) 45
Mengde (g/m²) up to 50
Application air-injected nozzles