Spreading data compilation system


De-icing under control

Ensuring safety in winter conditions is a big responsibility. Optimal coordination between personnel, resources and materials is a complex task. With the Winterlogic spreading data compilation system, you have all the necessary data in one place, so everything you need for optimising your winter road maintenance plans is at your fingertips.


Overview and maximum control

With Winterlogic you gain an overview of the de-icing operations that have been carried out, however large your winter road maintenance fleet. The control panel of the spreader serves as an effective and reliable memory for transferring spreading data to the Winterlogic programme. Via one interface, the information is transmitted to PC. After the spreading data has been read, you can compile clear and detailed overviews according to your requirements, with help of the many selection and analysis options. On this basis, you can make firm decisions and have maximum control over the implementation of these decisions.


Management and Optimisation

Winterlogic helps you to manage personnel, resources and materials. If you compare the spreading process with so-called reference runs, you can fully concentrate on the areas which must be improved and you are not distracted by irrelevant information. The adjustment of the spreading process is therefore simplified and improvements in efficiency (savings) as well as effectiveness (increased traffic safety) are thereby attainable.


Winterlogic Basic/Pro

The basic model of Winterlogic includes the whole programme for compiling spreading data with all selection and analysis options. With Winterlogic Pro you even have the option of displaying the spreading measures graphically. Thanks to the builtin Google Maps function you can understand exactly what has happened on the spreading routes. This way you can see which activities have been carried out, which spreading settings were active, where the vehicles drove without spreading, etc. Thanks to the precise GPS signals of the spreader, this information is displayed visibly for everyone in Google Maps.


Minimum system requirements

• Intel Pentium II

• 512 Mb RAM

• Windows 2000, XP, Vista

• 1 GB of memory

• Display resolution 1024x768

• Winterlogic Pro: internet access


Why Winterlogic

• Winterlogic saves and analyses the data of all operations

• Meaningful reports and statistics can be compiled from this data

• Proof of efficiency for optimal utilization of equipment and planning aids

• Exact measurements of used grit for:

stock management, environmental credentials

• Operation protocol as a means of evidence should a case of liability arise

• Basis for the billing of internal and external services

• Opportunity to compare different services


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