Schmidt Compact Sprayer for de-icing operations during the municipal winter maintenance


With a compact sprayer from the Schmidt CSP range, you can take very efficient steps to combat approaching ice, i.e. before the incalculable danger potential can even arise on roads, streets and squares. However, the sprayer can also be used when ice has already built up. The Schmidt CSP, which has been designed for both preventive and curative operation, exists in different sizes and with individual equipment options: it is available for attaching onto tractors with three-point linkage, for trailers or for mounting onto transporters with loading platforms, pick-up trucks or other narrow track vehicles in use in municipal operations.


Safe de-icing with fluid materials: the clearly superior alternative to environmentally unfriendly gritting materials for temperatures of up to -6 degrees!

A sprayer is not designed to treat or melt snow but to avoid forecast ice or combat existing ice. In dry or mildly wet conditions and up to a temperature of -6 degrees, this process is particularly suitable for your municipal winter service if you wish to drastically reduce your consumption of gritting materials – and even when compared to pre-wetted spreading, the residual salt content on the carriageway is higher. The sprayed fluid, which is applied once in a very low dose, sticks firmly to the ground and stays there longer, meaning that it also considerably reduces the frequency of operations.


A compact CSP contains lots of compact expertise – and a clear concept.

The very robust CSP range from Schmidt  contains tried and tested Stratos 2 components and offers a number of equipment options and characteristics that represent the result of a wide variety of customer requirements. The high-performance machine comprises the core elements of a fluid tank, a spraying device and a control panel which allows spraying functions to be operated directly from the driver's cabin when in operation. The key control and hydraulics components are integrated centrally into one area. A membrane pump ensures that the spray fluid is efficiently transported from the PE tank to the distribution system.


Spraying systematically – and with a high degree of dosing accuracy.

Both flexible and exact dosing of the spray material is essential for efficient de-icing. Therefore, dosing takes place within a closed electrohydraulic circuit. The spraying quantity is adapted to the driving speed via the speed signal, excellent distribution is achieved even in the case of minimal dosing. Equal application of the spray fluid is achieved by means of a spraying bar mounted on the back of the sprayer (this is a fold-out spraying bar in the case of the loading platform design). Depending on the desired dosing and driving speed, the machine can be equipped with a single or double spraying row. Air injection nozzles are used for applying the spray material. These create large drops of liquid, which optimises the impact behaviour of the fluid. The spraying nozzles are located near the surface of the ground, ensuring an even spraying pattern.


Thanks to the most modern control technology, the Schmidt CSP offers a high level of comfort, safety and efficiency.

The CSP is controlled via a CL control panel in the driver's cabin. The control unit has a future-oriented CAN open-bus system, which guarantees particularly accurate and safe control. The desired spraying width and quantity can be set here. The system allows pre-programming for all common de-icing materials. Want even more control comfort? Ask about our "ThermoLogic", "AutoLogic" and "WinterLogic" system options! The control panel is equipped with a large and very visible graphics display. Only the symbols that are necessary for the operation light up. Twist and click knobs and push buttons guarantee easy and intuitive operation.


Flexibility and comfort right down to the fluid tanks(s).

The polyethylene tanks, which are shock-resistant even in low temperatures, are suitable for every type of de-icing material. The tanks are provided with baffle plates. In addition, they are equipped with a manhole and ventilation. Filling can be done either from above (hose in the manhole) or from below at the rear (Storz C series coupling). A maximum level switch can also be provided to automatically switch off the pump. 500 and 1100 litre tanks are available for trailers, 600 to 2000 litre tanks are available for loading platforms and tanks with a volume of up to 2500 litres are available for attachment onto tractors.


- High level of dosing accuracy and even spraying pattern thanks to spraying technology that has been proven in practice

- Suitable for towing vehicles such as small municipal service vehicles and tractors

- Suitable for mounting on transporters with loading platforms, pick-ups or narrow track utility vehicles

- Low life cycle costs through high-quality corrosion protection and low material consumption (brine)


Spraying widths:

1.4 metres symmetrically

2.4 metres asymmetrically left or right

3.4 metres symmetrically


Schmidt CSP

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