Aebi VT 450 Vario Euro 6C

Those who know it and drive it love it. The Aebi VT450 Vario with its stepless mechanical-hydrostatic drive (no clutches required) can carry a load of up to six tonnes. With a clean VM turbodiesel engine based on the EURO 6 C standard, the implement carrier is now even more environmentally friendly and efficient. The crew in the cab benefit not only from the high level of comfort and the best suspension in its class. The operating concept has now also been optimised and an automatic battery isolating switch has been integrated. Thanks to intelligent transmission software, the transmission speed is regulated depending on the driving situation, which reduces fuel consumption and noise pollution. A new joystick enables precise and ultra-quick operation of the implements using just one finger! You can change the direction of travel quickly and easily without stopping. The new control lever with Smart Navigator is optionally integrated in the armrest and thus allows the driver to adopt a relaxed physical posture in any situation. You can just hop on and set off thanks to intuitive control. This means there is no need to spend many hours studying operating manuals. A new keypad also enables frequently used functions to be accessed quickly. The display concept with an integrated day and night function has also been completely overhauled. Only information that is relevant to the current task in hand is displayed, to ensure greater comfort and clarity. This is also enhanced not least by a new panoramic cab. Fully decoupling the back panel from the cabin has now made maintenance even easier, and the amount of noise in the cabin has also been reduced considerably.

The verdict for customers: the driving strategy, speed and driving dynamics are perfected – with lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

Schmidt attachements


MPC-S 26

CPM 27 ou CPM 30

CP 27  ou CP 30

Tarron Compact MS C 27 ou C 30

MPC-P 28

SNK 30 ou  SNK 34  

SL 32, GGW 900 ouSL 34, GGW 900 (seulement avec 425/55 R17 o.440/50 R17)    


Stratos F14-16 VCX avec SNK34

Stratos F12-16 VCXN avec SNK34

Stratos F/D11- F/D17  

Syntos B/S 15L-18 VCXN avec SNK34  


VKS 24 V (seulement avec 285/70 R19,5), VKS 26 V  

Brosses de lavage pour délinéateurs et glissières


Donées techniques

Aebi VT450 Vario
Entraînement Möcaniques
Moteur (kW/PS) 80 / 109
Boîte à vitesses Vario
Poids à vide (kg) 3450
Poids (t) 8,5 / 9,5