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Aebi Schmidt as an employer

Dialogue with and between employees

In the course of the annual employee appraisals, we are better able to identify our employees' potential and expertise and to support and/or further develop these things. The dialogue between the employees and superiors supports their mutual understanding and appreciation. The employee appraisal is also a stock-check of the tasks that the employee has completed over the year and serves the purpose of providing an anticipatory view of their future challenges at the same time.

The employees' ideas are recorded in a company suggestion scheme, with rewards for good ideas, such as improvements to assembly sequences or initiatives to reduce the energy consumption, for example.

In the scope of the "Fit for tomorrow – being better tomorrow than we are today" project, employees also work together across departments and locations to configure products and processes in a superior, faster, leaner and more cost-effective way. Discussing their experiences and the opportunity to implement changes together not only contributes to the employees' motivation, it also supports their professional and interpersonal skills on a sustainable basis.

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Training and further education

In the area of specialist vehicle design, maintaining a team of qualified employees who can also draw on the necessary experience is very important. This is why Aebi Schmidt strongly supports the training and further education of its employees. The company has long provided training in professions such as those of mechatronics engineer, industrial mechanic, logistics specialist, electronics engineer and technical product designer. Since October 2011, Aebi Schmidt has offered a choice of different dual courses of study in cooperation with Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Lörrach. The employees in the different departments are also able to further develop their skills in the scope of their professions and workplace tasks. In this context, for example, training is available for managers and sales staff, in addition to specialist training programmes in the area of IT, product training courses and language courses.

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Employee satisfaction

We attribute considerable importance to our employees' satisfaction and well being. We carry out employee satisfaction surveys on a regular basis. Whether it is the corporate culture, the workplace, the working atmosphere or personal development: the results of our surveys demonstrate that the levels of job satisfaction and company loyalty are consistently high. Excursions for apprentices, internal practice days, family days and health campaigns are all further measures in which our employees take centre stage. Schmidt Mitarbeiter